Villa Grimaldi, "The Fortress"

The building is located in the centre of Sampierdarena, a historic working-class neighborhood, west of the centre of Genoa, bound to the port activities.

The 17th-century building has an external relevance of about 1000 sqm, a large garden raised over the street level. It is a detached and bright building. From the second post-war period until 2008 it was used as a school, then it has been closed and is currently unused.


Analytic description

A portico on the ground floor leads to a central hall around which the rooms are organized. A stairway leads to the first floor, where there is a monumental loggia 10 m high, decorated with stucco and high reliefs, which faces north. The porch gives access to the main frescoed hall. Various backstairs lead to the attic, partially habitable. The maintenance status is poor also because of the alterations made necessary by past use as a school. There are partial detachments of plasters and some cracks on the vaults of the main rooms. The wooden roofing structures appear in a good state of conservation

16100 Genova GE