Military Bakery

The former military bakery is situated in Via Francesco Rolla, in the neighborhood of Cornigliano, an area that will be deeply transformed in the next years,  thanks to the realization of the Parco del Polcevera, a park near the new bridge Ponte San Giorgio.

The estate is a former mill of the 18th century, owned by Società Italiana di Panificazione, bought by the State between 1909 and 1910 and transformed into a military bakery and barracks.



Analytic description

The former Marabotto Barracks consists of a different set of structures that generate a single building and can be described as follows:

1. Block A, representing the most up-and-coming rectangular building (oriented east-west perpendicular to Via Rolla and the Polcevera torrent), consisting of no.5 floors above ground.
2. Block B, adjacent to body A, also rectangular and oriented in an East-West direction, of n.3 floors above ground and connected to body A by means of a double-height span in the longitudinal axis of entry.
3. Block C, an appendix of body A, of n.2 floors above ground, placed on the east side of the lot.
4. Block D, warehouse of an above-ground floor with light structure, adjacent to body A and D, located north of the lot.