Funicolare Genova

City mobility moving closer to the needs of residents, tourists and companies: The construction of a transport facility between the Cristoforo Colombo Airport and the Erzelli Technology Park has been confirmed


After years of speculation and discussion, the first steps will finally be taken to improve the efficiency of public transport in the Genoa area: the new railway station in Sestri Ponente will be connected to the Erzelli Technology Park by a funicular which will be able to transfer up to 300 people in two minutes and forty seconds. The station will also be connected to the nearby airport, which will be reachable in one minute and forty seconds.

For both transport facilities, the engineering company Eggs Group has already filed a technical and economic feasibility study. Building the two infrastructures will cost approximately 132 million euro and, according to the schedule, the work will take two years. The funicular between the airport and Erzelli Park will be entirely powered by electricity and will also represent a step towards sustainable mobility.

Ultimo aggiornamento 28/11/2022