The Municipality of Genova protagonist at the big international real estate fair in Cannes

From March 12 to 15, 2024, the Municipality of Genova will be once again the protagonist of Mipim (Marché international des professionnels de l'immobilier), the huge international trade fair scheduled to take place in Cannes, focusing on the real estate market, territorial development, and urban requalification projects. The event, traditionally held in the usual setting of the Palais des Festivals, gathers more than 500 public and private entities from 100 countries: it will be an extraordinary showcase and a significant opportunity for the international promotion of the image and activities of public administrations and private companies.


The Municipality of Genova will showcase to the French kermesse 'Genova 2030', an action plan outlining the specific actions needed to implement the overall sustainable urban development and climate change strategy for the city of Genoa by 2030: it is a plan aiming to make the city liveable, safe, healthy and equipped with quality services, economically and socially developed, attractive to current and future residents, students, workers, investors and tourists, but also inclusive and sustainable. The main topics of these profound transformations are related to the importance of strategic infrastructures, new connection structures and the improvement of green areas, envisioned as an innovative 'Park of Parks'.
‘Genoa 2030’ includes the railway plan of the Terzo Valico, the Gronda Autostradale, the San Giorgio bridge, the sub-port tunnel and the 'Skymetro' project, all aiming at the revitalisation of the entire coastal area and the regeneration of many areas in the western part of the city, also by increasing the value of the real estate, making the city completely renewed and interconnected.
The integrated 'Caruggi' plan is designed to improve the quality of life and usability of the area for residents and tourists, and to make the city more attractive, safe, clean, and a commercial and residential settlement.
The port will become an even more important hub in the Mediterranean, thanks to the new breakwater construction, the National Plan for Resilience and Recovery (NRP) landmark works, and a series of interventions that emphasise growth, always accompanied by a concrete commitment to environmental sustainability.



The whole city and its projects, including those currently being approved or planned in the near future, will be represented by a three-dimensional wooden model on a scale of 1:5000. A highly complex one-off work of very extensive dimensions, aiming to inspire public interest in capital investment in Genoa.
The model, about 6 metres by 2 metres, is mainly light-coloured, with some plexiglass elements and brushstrokes of green and blue indicating the vegetation and the sea. It was built by Stefano Rossi, owner of the "Stefano Rossi Modelli" studio-workshop, a professional with a long experience in modelling, particularly on wood, also gained at important architectural studios such as "Renzo Piano Building Workshop".



The top properties: Villa Gruber, Villa Saredo Parodi and Hennebique.

Villa Gruber: an 18th-century villa located in a prestigious residential area surrounded by a large English-style park. It is developed on three levels and a basement, with an added turret on two levels offering a splendid view over the city, for a total of 2,664 square metres of living space and a wide green area of 13,500 square metres

Villa Saredo Parodi: an aristocratic dwelling, also known as Casa Saredo Parodi, built in the 16th century and located in the Marassi district, near the church of Santa Margherita. It has three above-ground floors and a basement and hosts Baroque frescoes of considerable historical and artistic interest.

Hennebique silos: strategically located on Genova's seafront, in the heart of the bustling Old Port, it is considered one of the most striking and monumental concrete buildings of the 20th century. The aim of the intervention is to requalify and improve the setting, enhancing cruise and tourist services, considering the short distance from the Cruise Terminal, the Maritime Station, the Old Port and the city. Lastly, the small commercial, recreational and sports facilities will enable continuous access to the area for all citizens, further enhancing the redevelopment of the entire neighbourhood while preserving the building's distinctive architectural features.


Urban regeneration: Waterfront di Levante and the 'Caruggi' Integrated Plan

Waterfront di Levante: Renzo Piano's project, transforming the former Fiera di Genova into a lively urban area on the sea for public and private use, through two canals, pedestrian and bicycle paths. The area includes a nautical district, an urban park and residential, commercial, recreational and tourist services. Sustainability is a key factor through high-tech environmental and energy strategies.

Piano Integrato “Caruggi”: in November 2020, the Municipality of Genova launched the 'Caruggi Integrated Plan' to enhance and revitalise the city's historic centre. Through 10 operational pillars, with almost 184 actions, distributed over the three districts - Prè, Molo and Maddalena - the plan is aiming at a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive city that fully embraces its historical and cultural identity, attracting new residents, tourists and investments.



Conferences and meetings will be held from 12 to 15 March with the participation of experts in the field and the councillor for Territorial Marketing Francesca Corso and councillor for Urban Planning and Economic Development Mario Mascia.
The appointment with the Mayor of Genoa - Marco Bucci - and the President of the Liguria Region - Giovanni Toti, is scheduled for March 14, 2024.
Furthermore, the real estate offer will be presented to potential investors, through institutional and expert B2B meetings, by the staff of the Territorial Marketing Department of the Municipality of Genova supported by the Genova Business Unit (GBU). The GBU, created by the Department of Economic Development of the Genova Municipality, will act as a facilitator in the meeting of the Administration with enterprises, investors and workers, becoming a reference point for the latter.



The Municipality of Genova will be present both with its own independent stand on Riviera 9 next to the Italian Pavilion, and with a desk at the stand of Agenzia ICE (Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalisation of Italian companies), which has been promoting investment opportunities in Italy on the French market for several years now as part of a large collective.


To present the projects, both implemented and currently under development, and to increase its visibility towards investors, the Municipality of Genova is collaborating with the Liguria Region, the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, Liguria International and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

For further information visit the Mipim website

Contact details:
Territorial Marketing Department


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