Villa Saredo Parodi

Villa Saredo Parodi - esterno

The XVI century Villa Saredo Parodi is located in Marassi neighborhood, near the church of Santa Margherita.

Inside, in the entrance hall and along the staircase leading to the main floor and the loggia, there are relevant frescoes with allegorical scenes. In the chapel there is a fresco, by Valerio Castello depicting the Coronation of the Virgin. Another fresco, by Domenico Fiasella (1589-1669) inspired by the myth of Diana and Endimione, is located in the vault of the ground floor.

For several years there were offices decentralized of the municipality.

Currently intended use: public services.
After the PUC (Municipal Urban Plan) updating it would be use for:
  • private services
  • accommodation facilities
  • residential
  • advanced tertiary sector
  • historical and architectural value
  • proximity to the city centre
  • presence of services and commercial activities in the surrounding area

The maintenance state needs interventions.

Gross floor area: 1.070 sqm
Net floor area: 800 sqm
Land area: about 400 sqm (of which about 80 sqm of external courtyard)


Via Marassi 6
16142 Genova GE