Villa Gruber

Villa Gruber - esterno

Villa Gruber, located in the district of Castelletto, is an eighteenth-century villa, surrounded by an English park very popular with the inhabitants of the area.

It consists of a main building on three levels above ground and one underground. The tower, located on the western front, rises for two more floors and offers an exclusive panoramic view of the city. The building was built by the noble De Mari family in the second half of the '500. In 1856 the property passed to the Austrian industrialist Adolf Gruber, who made some changes to the complex.

More recently, In the thirties of the '900, the large park was subdivided to allow the construction of residential buildings. Later the property was transferred to the Municipality of Genoa, which destined the remaining part of the park for public use, today a large green space of 13,500 m².

Intended use:

  • public and private services (training, health care…)


  • central and lively location
  • public park
  • panoramic view
  • landmark building
  • architectural quality

The maintenance state needs enhancement interventions.

Gross floor area:2.664  sqm

Net floor area: 1.936 sqm

Corso Solferino 29
16122 Genova GE