The former Quarto Hospital

The building complex of the former Psychiatric Hospital is in the district of Quarto, in the eastern part of the city. Finished in 1933, it is now divided into three different properties, ARTE, ASL3 and CDP Immobiliare. It includes various buildings in neoclassical style: the so-called "Old Institute" and "New Institute", the residential buildings, the so-called "Casa delle Infermiere", the monumental gatehouse and finally a newly built building used as offices and smaller one  that housed the clinics of forensic medicine.

The Old Institute consists of a citadel with a square plan, symmetrically divided into nine parts: each part consists of a large courtyard surrounded by building. The buildings, divided into twenty-two pavilions, are generally made of load-bearing masonry.

The New Institute consists of a single body of valuable architectural features, with three floors above ground, divided into three U-shaped blocks. Minor buildings, of about 24,786 square meters, are also part of this portion of the former hospital. The entire surface of the area is about 55,000 square meters. According to the hypothesis of enhancement is expected a predominantly residential use together with tertiary settlement and tourist facilities. On 20 October 2017, the City Council approved the CAN (Operational Urban Planning Plan) which provides for the possibility of setting up private functions including residence, offices, hotels, private and public services, and shops. On 17 October 2018, the town-planning agreement with the Genoa Municipality was signed. The property intends to enhance the entire complex, refunctionalizing it, establishing spaces dedicate to research, innovation, technology, education and training, in addition to residential area, advanced services and tourist facilities, all compatible with the existing urban planning instrument. In addition, the feasibility hypothesis of the Historical Building, according to the study of architecture OBR, has provided an innovative complex of offices, in line with the highest energy,  sustainability and market standards, with common services (auditorium, relax areas, company kindergarten...), as well as an outdoor parterre, including park, fitness area and gym. It also provides a BIM management system for the optimization of operating costs and the Leed Gold certification that will reduce consumption during the life cycle of the building. The green areas are divided schematically into three zones: the gardens and the avenues of access to the pavilions, a semi-flat arboreal area located to the south and a wooded area on the north-west side.



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