Great-Campus Erzelli

erzelli campus prospectus
  • 07 Sep, 2021

The city of the future is born at Great Campus. The Erzelli scientific and technological park, developed by GHT Spa, confirms more and more its vocation for innovation: not only a place of contamination between companies, academia and research centres, but also an eco-sustainable urban space, created with cutting-edge technological solutions.

There are many business realities already present at the Campus, including Siemens, Esaote, Ericsson, Liguria Digitale and Talent Garden; the Italian Institute of Technology has completed its relocation and 200 researchers have joined the 2,000 people working in the companies already located here 

The Polytechnic School is also scheduled to move to Erzelli in 2024, in a 60,000 square metre building that will host 5,500 students, researchers and instructors. A private hospital is also planned, the largest in the western part of Liguria, a new reference point for healthcare and research at the national level.


A new urban space

Great Campus represents the biggest upgrading project for Genoa. A new urban space integrated with the territory: 110,000 square metres will host accommodations, student residences, houses for rent, rent-to-buy in a welcoming place, thanks to state-of-the-art housing solutions in terms of quality of life and environmental sustainability.

Are already available the first 30,000 sqm of what, once completed, will be the largest park in the west of Genoa, with 220,000 sqm of space equipped for sports, cultural events and playgrounds, available not only to those who work at Erzelli but also to all citizens of Sestri and Cornigliano. In 2019, the Smart City square was inaugurated, with an educational path on renewable energy and sustainable mobility, created in collaboration with Unige, Energy Competence Centre Campus of Savona, to offer a taste of the Smart City of the future.



Alternative mobility

Alternative mobility projects are growing, in partnership with ENEL X; thanks to corporate car sharing, Campus members will have access to electric cars and the entire community will be able to use "quick" recharging stations. The electric car-sharing will join the free corporate carpooling service, which allows people to share their car for the home-work journey, reducing costs and environmental impact. More than 400 users have already chosen this mode and, in over 1,700 trips, have covered more than 62,000 km, saving 4,975 kg of CO2 emissions.

A redevelopment project cannot be separated from the activation of services to the city and the community: hence the gym, the nursery school inspired by the Montessori method, the supermarket, the medical centre with an outpatient clinic also open to the people of the district.

Great Campus is also working on new projects to create new jobs and further develop the area, reiterating its role as a driving force for the territory, with the specific aim of attracting the interest of national and international investors.


Perché Genova

- Genoa has a well-established network of hi-tech companies operating in the automation, robotics and biomedical sectors: over 15,000 workers and 100 companies;
- The area provides concessional financing for large companies;
- The University of Genoa is ranked in the top positions at the national level and boast a very high level of interdisciplinarity;
- The area is characterized by the presence of important institutes of the National Research Council (including Biophysics, Information Technologies, Intelligent Systems for Automation, Marine Sciences and Macromolecules. Information and Telecommunications Engineering) and is home to the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT);
- Genoa is a city of great cultural activity, with a high quality of life, an airport in the city centre (5 minutes from the area) and a high-speed train.


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