Villa Rossi

Villa Rossi - esterno

Villa Rossi, a seventeenth-century noble building, is located within the park of Piazza Poch, the green lung of the district of Sestri Ponente.

The building is partly on five floors above ground, partly on three and is equipped with large space used as a garden.

It was built by the noble Lomellini family in the seventeenth century and was soon ceded to the Spinola centurion. In 1855 it was bought at auction by the Rossi - Martini family, who expanded the beautiful park. Still intact today, it measures 40,425 m2 and is often used for cultural and leisure events.

It was sold to the Municipality of Genoa around the 1930s to house a school, that was then closed at the beginning of the 2000s.

Today it is partly unused and destined to become a cultural center and home to associations.

The maintenance state needs enhancement interventions.


Land area about 2,600 sqm (excluding park area) including about 2,000 sqm of drivable outdoor space

SLP Total 3,070 sqm (from FISIA relief)

Piazza Poch 4
16154 Genova GE