Tabarca e Metelino

Pianta degli edifici coinvolti

Within the Darsena (the dock area), connecting Old Port, Old Town, Maritime Station and some of the main logistic hubs, a sustainable urban regeneration of two ancient buildings, Tabarca and Metelino, is planned. They will become polyfunctional spaces, improving the area and linking various parts of the city. The regeneration of the site will extend pedestrian and cycle paths for a sustainable mobility, offering   new meeting points to students.

The intervention includes the renovation of the entire Tabarca building, the refurbishment of roof and facades; the first two floors of the building will house a Maritime Training Centre for students of the Merchant Academy of the Italian Navy, the third floor will be used as a student residence.

As for the Metelino building, the roof will be renewed, and the last two floors will host exhibition and conference spaces.

Public squares and roof-gardens will be built on the new roofs of both buildings, pursuing a model of sustainable urban regeneration, and configuring themselves as attractive hubs for residents and tourists, arriving by sea or from the nearby train station.


16100 Genova GE