Mnesys neurosciences company

Mnesys: a brand new society for neuroscience and neuropharmacology


The new organisation born out of the synergy between the University of Genoa and other universities, companies, and hospice and care institutions was officially presented. It is a National Hub of the Extended Partnership on Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology, funded with 114 million euros from the 'Pnrr' (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) by the Ministry of University and Research. It will deal with fundamental and applied research and projects aimed at the creation of spin-offs and start-ups. In addition, it will offer support for doctoral studies and training opportunities conducted by both universities and companies.

Mnesys is the city's first major step towards innovation in the sector, including the creation of highly specialised jobs, and is expected to attract scientists, doctors and researchers of the highest professional profile.

Ultimo aggiornamento 28/11/2022