MIPIM 2024, in Cannes the Municipality of Genoa showcases the city of 2030. Investment opportunities and strategic projects


The event will take place from 11 to 15 March at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrés. In Palazzo Tursi the rendering of the large scale model leaving for France

Yesterday afternoon, Thursday 7th March 2024, in the Salone di Rappresentanza of Palazzo Tursi, saw the presentation of the rendering of the large-scale model (6 metres by 2) depicting Genova in 2030, which will take part in Mipim 2024 (Marché International des Professionels de l'Immobilier), the annual event taking place in Cannes from 12 to 15 March and where the main international players in the real estate sector will participate. 

Participation in MIPIM 2024 sees the Municipality of Genova collaborating with the Region of Liguria, the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, Liguria International and Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

"Genova 2030" is an action plan outlining the specific actions necessary to implement the overall sustainable urban development and climate change strategy for the city of Genova by 2030: a plan that aims to make the city liveable, safe, healthy and equipped with quality services, economically and socially prosperous, attractive for current and future residents, students, workers, investors and tourists, but also inclusive and sustainable. The main themes of these profound transformations are related to the importance of strategic infrastructures, new connecting facilities and the improvement of green areas, envisioned as an innovative 'Park of Parks'.

"Genova 2030" sees the Terzo Valico railway plan, the Gronda Autostradale, the San Giorgio bridge, the sub-port tunnel and the 'Skymetro' project, together aiming at the revitalisation of the entire coastal area and the regeneration of many areas in the Western part of the city, while also increasing the value of the real estate, making the city completely regenerated and interconnected. The integrated 'Caruggi' plan is designed to improve the quality of life and the usability of the sites for residents and tourists, and to make the city more attractive, safe, clean as well as a destination for commercial and residential settlements. The port will become even more of a hub in the Mediterranean, thanks to the construction of the new breakwater, the landmark works of the National Plan for Resilience and Recovery (PNRR), and a series of actions that emphasise growth, always accompanied by a concrete commitment to environmental sustainability.

A large three-dimensional wooden model, scale 1:5000, representing the entire city of Genova, with its new works, both those under approval and those planned for the future, will be exhibited in Cannes. It is a highly complex work of very extensive dimensions, aiming to attract the public's interest in capital investments in Genova. The model, about 6 metres by 2 metres, is mainly light-coloured, with some plexiglass elements and brushstrokes of green and blue to indicate the greenery and the sea. It was made by Stefano Rossi, owner of the "Stefano Rossi Modelli" studio-workshop, a professional with a long experience in modelling acquired also at important architectural studios such as "Renzo Piano Building Workshop" and specialised in the creation of wooden models. The Municipality of Genova will attend Mipim with a desk inside the ICE stand, within the Italian Pavilion aimed at promoting the public offer at a national level, to meet potential interlocutors interested in exploring the opportunities, and with an independent stand, in Riviera 9 next to the Italian Pavilion. The projects will be introduced to interested potential investors through institutional and technical B2B meetings led by the staff of the Genoa Municipality's Territorial Marketing Department, supported by the Genoa Business Unit (GBU), a unit created by the Genoa Municipality's Economic Development Department, as facilitator in enabling the administration to meet businesses, investors and workers, becoming a point of reference for them.

"Genova is getting ready to land at MIPIM in Cannes by showing what will be the Genova of the future," says the Mayor of Genova Marco Bucci. "Our city has started a process of transformation and evolution never seen before. We are designing a city on a human scale, starting from an urban renewal based not only on aesthetics and economic development, but also on functionality, social impact, and improvement of the quality of life for residents and visitors. A vision that will also increase the value of real estate, thanks to a completely renovated and interconnected city, with strong and multifunctional services, adapted to the different needs of different communities. Our port will become a central hub in the Mediterranean anew, thanks to the construction of the new breakwater, which is the fundamental work of the PNRR. Furthermore, we will implement several infrastructural interventions that will boost our growth, whilst paying particular attention to the issue of environmental sustainability. The rendering we presented today is just a foretaste of the presentation we will make in Cannes, to show the whole world the great evolution taking place in our Genova."

" Genova will be present at MIPIM, the international reference trade fair for the real estate, construction and property market, again in 2024," says Councillor for Territorial Marketing Francesca Corso. It is an unmissable event for the sector's main decision makers, developers, investors, territories, development agencies and local authorities, investment funds, construction companies, and service companies. Given that more than 20,000 visitors and more than 2,400 exhibitors from more than 80 countries participate every year, it will be a great showcase for Genova, where the city of the future can be exhibited, with the opportunity to meet operators, develop investment projects, collect financing, and start business partnerships. We will be present with a stand set up to highlight our excellence and promote our skills, showing a plan focused on sustainability, regeneration, and the enhancement of the coastline and urban areas, with climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable mobility, and accessibility". 



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