Mipim 2024, Councillor Mascia: "Genova is an international reference point for a green urban regeneration".

The second day of events and meetings at the Cannes International Real Estate Fair

Second day of meetings and events at Mipim 2024 in Cannes. “The interest generated by the city of Genova is very strong, both from representatives of other local authorities, such as Turin and Trieste, and from professionals such as architecture firms, developers, and engineering studies in the strategic sectors related to logistics, energy, and state-of-the-art components, who visited our stand” says Mario Mascia, the Councillor for Urban Planning and Economic Development, present at Mipim today.

“The City of Genova is gaining international recognition as a reference point in urban regeneration, in particular for its attention to sustainability and green policies, energy efficiency and digital connectivity. Accelerators of the ecological transition applied to the real estate sector and investment funds see in Genova 2030 a synergy opportunity in major urban regeneration projects, such as the transformation of the Begato district and the Waterfront di Levante.

The presence of the model also provides an immediate overview of the development of physical infrastructure. Moreover, digitisation and the creation of digital hubs are also of primary interest to project managers and representatives of other public organisations and institutions. The experiences in the pipeline that we are focusing on include the enhancement of the forts and the expansion of the public green system, in a 'continuum' between suburban green areas and the next new urban parks.”

Tomorrow, Thursday 14th March, at 11.15 am, the Mayor of Genova Marco Bucci and the President of Regione Liguria Giovanni Toti will be present for 'Genova 2030: the city of the future', followed by a series of institutional and b2b meetings.

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