Fonte: Commissario Ricostruzione Genova




MAPPING the distribution and coverage of the different infrastructures both on the municipal territory and in the wider functional areas connected to it.

CONDITIONS and state of health of infrastructures and their correspondence to the future demand coming from the territory.

MONITORING of infrastructures in order to grant a preventive and predictive maintenance able to avoid networks breakdown while increasing their performance.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN both physical and conceptual – of infrastructures, in order to improve security, redundancy, resilience and flexibility features of the networks in a shared governance framework able of promoting and speed up the overall territorial innovation processes.

Key elements

GREY asset deals with the innovative development of infrastructures and, specifically, those related to the networks providing services of different nature, and those related to communications and spreading information. All of them enable the capability to provide the necessary essential services, ensuring continuity management and good quality assurance of the city-system based service.


The task of the Administration – which for most infrastructures plays a role largely unrelated to the market logic governing its development and capillarity of distribution – finds its own value chain in a deep analysis of the territory and citizens needs anticipating, where possible, the medium-to-long-term trends in line with the general development guidelines of the City.


Besides creating a network able to involve the big players of this sector and their technologies, it will be essential to listen to the infrastructures end-users and know how to grasp their needs.