Port - logistic and shipping

The port

The port of Genoa today enlivens approximately 33% of the containers in transit in the national ports of call.

Genoa represents the southern terminal of the Rhine Alps corridor, a perfect point of transit for the good directed towards the main industrial and consumption area of Central Europe.  Its port receives containers, various goods, petroleum products and passengers, offering a wide selection of services, from temperature-controlled storage to the handling of large loads, to containers maintenance.

In 2019 the port of  Genoa has enlivened goods for a total of 2,6 million TEUs, with a progression of + 50% in the last 10 years. With its 27 km of docks, with more than 4,5 million passengers between cruises and ferries and 68 million tons of goods enlivened, it represents one of the first Mediterranean ports of final destination.

The port of Genoa represents in Italy the widest concentration of know-how and technical, professional, scientific, formative competencies, related to the marine-harbor economy. Due to this “cultural heritage” Universities, research institutions, schools, companies, and technical consultants are very active on this territory.

In order to encourage and facilitate even more the development of ideas, systems and professions connected to the sea economy, the Genova Blue District has been recently created: an incubator of innovation and companies and a start-ups accelerator, that focuses on interconnection and networking in the territory, with the intent of enhancing the talents and attracting new energies.

The important ongoing infrastructural works will increase the marine, railway, road and aerial accessibility. The most important of this work, the new breakwater, will guarantee access in safety to the great porta containers (until 400 meters of length and capacity of beyond 19 thousand Teus and to last generation cruise ships, allowing the city to keep its dominant position in the national harbor panorama and to consolidate its role on the Mediterranean and European scene. The close relationship between port and city creates a deep synergy focused on efficiency and on environmental respect

Blue Economy

The Blue Economy is a set of human activities that use sea, coasts and seabed as resources for industrial activities and the development of services, such as aquaculture, fisheries, marine biotechnology, maritime tourism, coastal tourism and cruises, maritime transports, ports and ship buildings, marine renewable energies, inserted in a sustainability perspective. In a country like Italy, bathed by the sea for about 80 of its borders, this sector represents an important part of its productive system.

 With 156 companies operating in the blue economy field and 13 billion euro production, the Blue Economy plays a bigger role in the productive System of Liguria, since the number of companies in this sector is equal to 9.1% of the regional total. 

Liguria is also the first Italian Region for the number of shipbuilding enterprises in comparison with the total of the manufacture (1,5% compared with the Italian average of 0,3) and Genoa represents its beating heart. The naval repair, refitting and shipbuilding industry represents excellence in the international panorama, supplying services of quality for luxury yachts and great ships.

There are also numerous events dedicated to the economy of the sea in Genoa.  The Genoa Boat Show is an appointment that is not to be missed. It attracts every year hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors (almost 1000 exhibitors and 190.000 visitors in 2019) from Italy and abroad.