Genova Global Goals Award


The award ceremony will be held on 2 May in Nervi, during Euroflora. The award is inspired by the UN's 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development

On 2 May, during Euroflora, the first edition of the Genova Global Goals Award will be held at the Ex Fienile dei Parchi di Nervi: this is an award set up by Genoa City Council and the Department for Economic Development to reward the most sustainable local businesses.

The idea came from and was inspired by the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development set up in 2015 by the United Nations to create a better world by 2030, to which the city wants to confirm its commitment. How? By encouraging businesses in the Genoa metropolitan city to take action.

We wanted to shine a spotlight on our companies and on our city," said Economic Development Councillor Stefano Garassino, "to try to stimulate growth that is geared towards the Global Goals and that can bring investments that promote and incentivise the continuation of sustainability. This is a first edition that we hope will be followed by many others, a sign that sensitivity and commitment to sustainable development have meanwhile become a rule rather than an exception to be rewarded".

The Municipality of Genoa itself has taken steps to undertake actions linked to the 17 UN objectives:

  1. Defeating poverty: #HomelessZero project, ending extreme poverty in which more than 50,000 people live;
  2. Eradicate hunger: solidarity emporium, making food and basic necessities accessible to families in difficult economic situations;
  3. Health and wellbeing: road safety protection, creation of the COA -Centrale Operativa Autostradale (Motorway Operations Centre), road safety centres and publication of safety videos;
  4. Quality education: the creation of the CEE - Centre for Environmental Education;
  5. Gender equality: drafting of the law against gender violence and creation of the Anti-Violence Centre;
  6. Clean water and sanitation: rubbish collection service promoted by the Municipality and the Auxiliary Coast Guard to clean up all the Genoa coastline from floating rubbish;
  7. Clean and accessible energy: SECAP - Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, Genoa commits to reduce CO2 by 40% in 2030;
  8. Decent work and economic growth: Tourism Friendly Cities, a network of 10 European cities, for sustainable tourism as a tool for economic, social and environmental growth;
  9. Business, innovation and infrastructure: citizens' desk, information, also by telephone, on municipal services and procedures;
  10. Reducing inequalities: policies for responsible and well-managed migration, vocational training and social integration, accompanying families for unaccompanied minors;
  11. Sustainable cities and communities: The places of culture, dialogue with the museum, meetings on cultural offerings and employment in the sector;
  12. Responsible consumption and production: Effectiveness and "I want to rebuild my life", projects for ecological waste collection
  13. Fighting climate change: Fereggiano/Bisagno spillway, reducing the risks of hydrogeological disasters
  14. Life underwater: Slow fish, raising awareness and promoting sustainable fishing;
  15. Life on Earth: urban reforestation, replanting 16,000 trees and creating new urban gardens
  16. Peace, justice and solid institutions: setting up anti-violence centres, a shelter for women in distress and a path to recovery;
  17. Partnership for the objectives: Liguria 2030, multistakeholder table to promote the UN 2030 Agenda.

The aim of the award is therefore to reward the commitment of all the businesses and start-ups in Genoa that are working to pursue policies and investments to make the city smarter, greener and more sustainable.

How the award works

The 17 Global Goals have been grouped into five challenges defined by the '5Ps' of sustainable development:

  1. People: 1, 3, 4, 6
  2. Planet: 7, 11, 14, 15
  3. Prosperity: 2, 12, 13
  4. Peace: 5, 10, 16
  5. Partnership: 8, 9, 17

The evaluation parameters are divided into two categories for each of the above P's:

  • ACHIEVEMENTS: for achievements, large or small, in support of one of the macro-objectives
  • PROJECTS: for ideas yet to be implemented that improve and lead to one of the macro-objectives.

The jury, based on the quadruple helix scheme, is composed of representatives from business, culture, research and institutions. The latter will be represented by Councillor Garassino.

The jurors will choose two finalists for each "P". They will compete in a public debate where they will have to illustrate their projects, which will end with a show of hands vote to decide the winner.

The winner will have the chance to choose a small but significant improvement to the city that will bring visibility and promotion to the city, such as repairing/replacing a bench or beautifying a flowerbed.

The deadline for participation is 15 April 2022.


For more information and to participate visit the dedicated page


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