• 28 Feb, 2018

Genoa’s forts were built between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and formed one of the largest fortification systems in Europe. They are located in the heart of Genoa’s forts and walls Park that with its 617 hectares is the largest green lung of the city. In this area, which laps and protects the city, there are walls and towers, still in good conditions in a beautiful and almost untouched context. In 2015 the Municipality of Genoa became the owner of 7 forts, whose project of conservation, restoration and reuse is underway.

To do this the City aims to assign the forts in concession to private operators for a period determined by time, compared to their redevelopment, functional reconversion and maintenance.

Among the possible reuses are:

  • pedestrian paths instead of military walkways
  • areas for leisure and events
  • commercial activities