Palazzo Galliera

Palazzo Galliera render_terrazza

Palazzo Galliera is a historical building, dating back to the early 1800s, located in the heart of the historic center of Genoa, in Via Garibaldi 9, between Palazzo Tursi and Palazzo Albini (headquarters of the City), Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Rosso (Musei di Strada Nuova). If we think of Palazzo Galliera in Genoa, it is clear that we are in one of the most extraordinary contexts of the city, not only for its proximity to the historical excellences of Via Garibaldi on which it faces, but also for the vibrant social life that surrounds it. The building, born as a residential palace, was built in the place where once stood the ancient Church of San Francesco al Castelletto, following the suppression of orders during the Napoleonic government and subsequent demolition of the same. The traces of his past are all still visible in some details of the facade of the Palace, which has incorporated inside the columns and part of the arches of the side aisle of the Church, as well as in the outer courtyard.

The nineteenth-century building has 7 floors, of which one half-basement overlooking the courtyard, with a total gross area of 3,701 square meters and a covered area of about 550 square meters. The plan is repeated similarly in height, with a stairwell placed in the center and external elevator compartment. The main view is facing south.

Located in the center of the city and hidden from the eyes of most, rises Palazzo Galliera. Its central but reserved position close to Via Garibaldi, between Palazzo Tursi and Palazzo Bianco, means that the property and its enhancement project give back a good until now denied to the city, revealing a treasure, that there has always been, but never really perceived.