An Integrated Plan for the old City Centre

Old City Centre

An authentic symbol of Genoa, fascinating, liveable, safe and clean: this is the final goal of the Historic Centre "Caruggi" Plan, the integrated project for the enhancement and regeneration of the historical centre of Genoa launched in November 2020.

A total of 184 actions are planned across the 10 operational axes, distributed over the three “sestieri” (Prè, Molo and Maddalena) and articulated into projects focused on:

  •  monumental lighting
  • relaunching local economy
  • urban decoration
  • social innovation
  • territorial animation
  • urban regeneration measures
  • re-functionalisation of existing spaces and buildings
  • sustainable mobility
  • tourism attractiveness
  • safety and prevention


Thanks to the funds of the National Resilience and Recovery Plan (PNRR), for a total amount of about 87 million Euro, 22 interventions are planned for the creation of new - Community Hub - that can reactivate 5 territorial dimensions:

  • Housig
  • Youth
  • Urban
  • Aggregative
  • Social Spaces.


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