Gavoglio Barracks

Building A outside

The complex of the former "Caserma Gavoglio" was built, starting from the nineteenth century, in place of a previous powder factory built by the Republic of Genoa in the middle of the seventeenth century.
This settlement proceeds, historically, the birth of the Lagaccio neighborhood, one of the most heavily urbanized and densely populated areas of the city of Genoa, and takes up a tradition of war industry, present on-site since the seventeenth century.

After the acquisition of the area by the Municipal Administration, the redevelopment project now in its execution phase will create in this industrial and military area a new urban park for the community that will strengthen the relationship with the upper part of the neighborhood and the protected natural area of the Park.

New green areas, playgrounds, sports facilities and gathering spaces are also planned.

The new public park and the cableway planned station “Lagaccio” connecting the seaside with the forts, is an opportunity for the redevelopment of the entire area and is fertile ground for planning new activities for the neighborhood such as sports facilities or cultural activities.

In the complex, there are several buildings, some also of historical and artistic value. The buildings are in mediocre or deteriorated conditions.

Building A, former barracks

The building is protected due to its historical and architectural value. Located at the main entrance of the new park, it develops on four levels above ground for a surface area of 9300 sqm and encloses a yard. It has very different rooms that therefore can been destined to different uses: residence (private apartments, for students or researchers, or cohousing), hostel, shops, crafts, practices, or various services.

Building D-E, former workshop and garage

The building D consists of one ground floor, about 10 m high, with a surface area of 851 sqm. The building E is as high as D but consists of two floors above ground (a ground floor and a small first floor of 75 sqm) for a surface area of 1648 sqm. Due to their height and brightness, these buildings are particularly fit to house sport activities (gyms and multipurpose courts).

Building F-G former bullet factory

The building F consists of one ground floor,11,40 m high, with a surface area of 1682 sqm. Building G is protected and consists of one ground floor and two entresols, it is 13,70 m high and has a surface area of 4292 sqm. The “twin” buildings have large open spaces that are fit to be used for manufacturing activities, services, coworking, as well as sports facilities (the width of 13 m enables even the construction of a regular volleyball or padel court), gyms, or cultural activities.

Via del Lagaccio, Genova