Gavoglio Barracks

Building A outside

The complex, built at the beginning of the 19th century, historically precedes the birth of the Lagaccio district, one of the most urbanized and populated areas of the city. After the acquisition by the Municipality, the UNaLab Eu project, in collaboration with LAND, has planned the creation of a new urban park for the community.

New green areas and gathering spaces strengthen the relationship with the upper part of the neighborhood. The NBS solutions adopted increased the climate resilience of this area.

The building is protected due to its historical and architectural value. Located at the main entrance of the new park, it develops on four levels above ground for a surface area of 9300 sqm and encloses a yard. It has very different rooms that therefore can been destined to different uses: residence (private apartments, for students or researchers, or cohousing), hostel, shops, crafts, practices, or various services.

The third floor of the restored building will host a new nursery. The school will be equipped with a reception room and three multipurpose classrooms. Further rooms will be dedicated to laboratories, and other spaces will be reserved for school and catering staff.

Via del Lagaccio, Genova