Maritime Station - Begato Fort Cable Car

  • 27 Aug, 2021

The project to build a cableway infrastructure connecting to Begato Fort is one of the tools for implementing the agreement to enhance
of the entire system of forts that will allow users to reach all sixteen forts that characterize the ecomuseum route.

The infrastructure is feasible and achievable in the context, in close synergy with the enhancement of the forts and the park of the walls, making an area of great historical and landscape value usable and enjoyable for Genoese citizens and tourists.

It will take less than a few minutes to "fly" from the Maritime Station to Begato Fort, with an intermediate stop at Lagaccio, thus avoiding city traffic to immerse yourself in a unique panorama of the city.

Project’s analytic description

The project involves the construction of a cable car that connects the sea and mountains, from via Fanti d'Italia, in front of Maritime Station, up to the hill of Begato Fort.

The project has been drawn up to the degree of technical and economic pre-feasibility, including a cable car designed to have a double value, on the one hand, a tourist attraction and, on the other hand, a function as an alternative public transport system.

The pre-feasibility study for the aforementioned project envisages investments of 40 million euros, for a plant construction period of 3 years.

The Project financing hypothesis foresees a financial structure with a debt-equity ratio of 85:15, therefore the participation of private investors accompanied in the investment by the credit system.

The project covers a height difference of 450 meters for a total length of 2.5 KM.


Investment of 40 million euros, for a 3-year construction period of the plant.

Fully operational costs from 2023 will amount to 2.3 million euros.

For the purposes of the financial plan, the useful life of the plant was estimated at 35 years and the duration of the concession was equal to 25 years. The hypothesis of Project financing provides for a financial structure with a debt/equity ratio of 85:15, therefore a shareholding of private investors accompanied in the investment by the credit system.

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