Underwater tunnel

underwater tunnel project
  • 27 Aug, 2021

The sub-port tunnel project is part of the urban road system of Genoa, it crosses the basin of the old port, as an alternative to the existing causeway, with the aim of improving the system of connections with the port area and creates a direct connection between the west and the east of the city. 

The objective of the project is the improvement of the efficiency of the fast road connection of penetration and crossing of the city center from the junction of San Benigno to Foce. In particular, it would avoid the crossing of the city by the heavy vehicles from Genova Ovest directed towards the area of the naval repairs. Moreover, with the parking lot provided in proximity 
near the exit, at Calata Gadda and the nearby Marina parking lot, it would be possible to expand the network of parking spaces capable of absorbing large flows of traffic. 

Once in operation, the Tunnel would contribute to the requalification of the city waterfront, decreasing travel time and ensuring environmental benefits to the entire population.

16100 Genova GE