Mobility and Transport System

For Genoa, an efficient mobility system is a priority, due to its particular conformation that makes it a polycentric city.; to obtain that in a sustainable way is a must.

Therefore the city is investing a lot in order to realize a sustainable mobility plan able to connect the most important infrastructures as the port, the airport, the centre and the different valleys, thanks to an emission-free electric transportation system. This system will be integrated with a network of cycle-path ant with the existing system of lifts and funiculars, a people mover on the rail in design, to connect the airport with the Erzelli scientific-park and with a sky tram that will easily connect the Val Bisagno valley with the centre.

The city Centre, more precisely the cruise Terminal, will soon be closer to the green hills that surround it, where the Forts park extends: a modern cableway will offer to tourists and citizens the opportunity to reach nature in few minutes.

Easy, sustainable, capillary connections will facilitate the citizens’ change of habits that, thanks to a series of new interchange parking, will be able to more easily give up the car, eliminating, traffic, pollution and stress.

Urban Transportation: