Quezzi Nursing Home

RSA Quezzi

The estate is part of a modern block of flats located in the Neighborhood of Quezzi, on the hills north of the city centre, in a suburban residential context. It was formerly a municipal rest home (Hospice ONPI) and consists of the main block and the west wing. The rest of the building is owned by ARTE (the Regional Building Company).

The building consists of seven floors, three of which are underground and the other four are above the ground floor, where is located the main entrance. It also includes a technical room on the third underground floor. The rooms are at the following levels: -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 and are distributed on each floor along a hallway. The rooms oriented towards the inside are single rooms of 11 sqm, while those outward are double (16.5 square meters) and each has a balcony/ terrace overlooking the city. There are numerous common spaces (halls, large terraces, and a multi-purpose hall) and open spaces. Level -2 houses the kitchen, the dining hall, the laundry, and the utility rooms, and is easily accessible from the inner pathway.

The building exterior is in poor condition and the interior is badly deteriorated.

Analytic description

The property is part of a modern building located in the neighborhood of Quezzi, in a hilly part north of the center in a suburban residential area.
Originally a municipal retirement home, the complex included the central block and the west wing. The remaining part is owned by the Regional Territorial Agency for Building (ARTE).
The building is spread over 7 useful floors, of which 4 above the access floor (ground floor) and 2 below, over a technical room placed on the third level below the ground floor.
The rooms are located on levels -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 and on the standard floor are distributed by a central alley. The rooms with an internal view are single (11 sqm), those with an external view are double (16.5 sqm) and equipped with balconies/ terraces.

There are also large common areas (multipurpose hall, living rooms, large terraces) and open spaces. level -2 hosts kitchen, dining room, laundry and storage spaces, easily accessible from the internal driveway.