Villa Donghi

Real estate complex available, located in the heart of the Medical University Centre next to the major city hospital. With an external area of about 13 square meters, the complex is composed of a two buildings: the first consisting of five floors plus a basement floor, and the second, at right angles to the first building, consisting of four floors plus a basement floor.

The valuable architectural characteristics of the property, bounded by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, aren’t hidden by the poor maintenance status.

Interior spaces show the architectural canons of the traditional Genoese villa, with a large vaulted entrance, overlooked by the other rooms, and a monumental marble staircase leading to the upper floors. The ground floor features a courtyard, while the 2nd and the 3rd floor have some terraces.

Given the very high number of people who gravitate towards the area for medical reasons, this complex could provide an excellent venue for any activities related to health, for example, a medical training center, a rehabilitation facility, university residences, or even a catering area.

In 2012 the villa was included in the list of assets forming part of the 2012 urban alienation and enhancement plan to return to the community assets currently in a state of neglect and severe degradation, so it is bound under Law 1089 of 1/6/1939.


Gross floor area: 1,471 sqm

Land area: 897 sqm

Net floor area: 1,165 sqm

Salita Superiore della Noce
16131 Genova GE