Sustainable Mobility

The Genoa of the future is a city where the mobility of people and goods is fast, safe and sustainable. 
The Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility, PUMS, will make Genoa a city where it is easy to get around, connecting infrastructure, airport, port, centre, valleys and suburbs.
An investment of € 471 million will develop the Four Axes of Forza, Levante, Ponente, Centro and Val Bisagno, with a trolleybus route of 96 km (70% on its own tracks), 145 new zero-emission electric vehicles, interchange and multi-modality car parks, developing an effective low environmental impact system.
The airport will be connected to the new Genova Aeroporto railway station and the Erzelli science and technology park by an Automated People Mover on rails carrying 4000 people per hour. 
The Skytram, an elevated metro line with two tracks, 8 stations and a length of 6.5 km, will run along the Bisagno Valley. 
The existing metro line will be extended with two new stations and the number of tracks and cycle lanes will be increased to 70 km.
One of the main objectives of the Plan is to have fully electrified local public transport by 2025.