An autonomous building, built for tourist accommodation purposes, consisting of a main volume of 5 floors rising above a deeper volume of 3 floors. The roof of this second volume is a terrace that can be used as an open space in front of the entrance. Next to the main body, there is a two-level annexe housing the dining room and a multi-purpose space (theatre), and on the north-eastern front, there is a second volume containing the emergency staircase.

In addition to its function as a Youth Hostel, the building houses a nursery school on part of the ground and first floor (and a portion of the terrace), while the basement part houses a gymnasium and a sports association. The portion of the building included in the portfolio, therefore, includes part of the ground and first floor and the three upper levels, as well as the kitchen and technical rooms in the basement. The upper floors are organised with three substantially identical floor plans, with a central distribution corridor, bedrooms and bathrooms on both sides. The property is completed by a large uncovered parking area, located to the north in continuity with the terrace.

Among the strengths of this property complex, which is in a fairly good state of repair, is the remarkable panoramic view of the city to the south-west as well as the context, which is a residential area with green areas and a good public transport service. It also presents important dimensions, is organised through a rational layout, and is equipped with ample parking.

16135 Genova GE